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" Cover Reveal" Finally, It's here!

Exclusive cover reveal and excerpt: "Dark Presence" by L A Cataldo


L A unveils book 2 in "The Dark Series" Dark Presence.



Jake Tomasi came into my life like a stalker in the night.

He is amazing, smart, and extremely hot! There is something about him that draws me in and I need to find out why. I want him—badly! I know he will change my whole way of life, but I can't let him know the real me. I know once I let him in, he will break down all the barricades I have thrown up to protect myself and keep things hidden for so long.

Jake knew he was defying his parents, but he didn’t care! He refused to have an arranged marriage and headed back to the States to find a wife. He had been looking so long but then, there she was—the most beautiful woman he had ever seen—Jen Stanton. As soon as he saw her that day from the cafe', he knew she was the one, the woman he had to have.

Laurie Cataldo-Fuchs


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