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Dear Diary

Another day I sit here staring at my screen, hoping the rest of my story will come to me. As I run options through my mind, nothing seems to catch. I think to myself... "Why is this happening right now?" I have no answers for myself, but I'm still sitting here staring at my word page wondering what I should write next.

Frustrated, I veer off my manuscript and start scrolling on Facebook. Yes, procrastinating... Duh!!! Of course! Isn't that what all authors do? Good question, but not certain. Some may tell me to just write. So I do, but nothing fun is coming out of it. So what do I do... I get up and start cleaning something. HA-HA yes! Weird right, but.. I've noticed that is when things start to play out in my mind.

My question is... what do other authors do when they get a little block going? Would love to know. As my story continues to sit there, the more frustrated I get.

But, I know you all are wondering, when will her next book be complete. Trust me, it will be soon! Just one more chapter and its finished. Just that one chapter I say... HA-HA

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